Nijmegen, the Netherlands, July 2021 – Today a new generation business tech consultancy firm launches: η!Transformers. Serving multiple sectors across EMEA, including Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Public Sector and Industry, η!Transformers drives continued innovation within their clients by selecting and adopting the technologies that meet business demands and exceed customer expectations.

The founders of η!Transformers combine over 100 years of knowledge and experience in technology and business innovation. With established partnerships and an extended ecosystem of best-in-breed technology platforms, η!Transformers addresses business technology challenges as no one else can. A passion and curiosity for new technologies empowers the company to drive constant innovation across their clients. And using the proven exponential growth approach, based on OpenExO, they achieve and exceed the goals of clients.

Led by a culture that treats clients as colleagues, η!Transformers collaborates with their clients to select and ensure adoption of the most suitable technologies, enabling unprecedented tech capabilities and leadership at every level of any organization.

η!Transformers is founded by 4 highly experienced entrepreneurs and led by Aernoudt Bottemanne and Gerwin Woelders (both co-founder, together with Daan Leenders and Roy van de Kerkhof). Based on their vast experience of working in both Management Consultancy and Technology vendors, they saw a gap between management consulting and IT service providers which inhibits successful implementation and optimal use of technology. Many IT-projects are still delivered too late, above budget and without the expected business results, or desired user experience. With a broad range of tech partnerships and innovation and project standards η!Transformers uses a contemporary approach suited uniquely well for the future.

Let’s embrace change and continue to innovate and excel!

Contact information:
+31 (0)6 2956 5247
Aernoudt Bottemanne
Chief Customer Officer

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