Our Values

Inspiring, Creativity, Curiosity, Sympathetic and Honest

Our Story

From software engineering to executive management roles, founded on a wealth of experience in deploying new business models based on innovative (leading edge) enabling technologies, and always with a personal touch: we are disruptors. More importantly: we help you to become that too. Which is needed, as the only constant in life is change, so let’s turn that into something inspirational, something enjoyable, to get the most out of it: for you, your employees and your clients! In short: we believe it is time to transform the wat transformations are dealt with. As such, we are convinced that almost every company has more potential then is currently being extracted: we help you get the best out of all the (ever increasing) digital possibilities by making the right choices together. We have carefully selected partnerships with the key tech platforms and vendors to lay the foundation for achieving your goals, and combine that with our proven extended change leadership experience. “We love to make impact with digital solutions for the better of all people and do that in a sustainable way.”

Our branding

The logo of η!Transformers is inspired on the greek eta symbol with an exclamation mark of the mathematical Factorial and elasticity in economics. It symbolizes the more than exponential growth and change we want to achieve together with our clients and visualizes the OpenExO standard we foster. The purple color expresses (royal) exclusivity and noble wisdom. Intelligent, smart and a bit of magic and mystery that our exponential innovation brings. The logo is designed by Inês Mateus, a designer of Quidgest, Lisbon Portugal.

Our team

Daan Leenders

Chief Operational Officer

daan @ntransformers.com

Gerwin Woelders

Chief Digital Officer

gerwin @ntransformers.com

Petri Kiviranta

Chief Solutions Officer

petri @ntransformers.com

Roy van de Kerkhof

Chief Technology Officer

roy @ntransformers.com



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