Do you believe in the exponential value of technology?

Think you’re a η!Transformer?​

If you feel comfortable in an established environment that changes slowly, we’re probably not the best fit for you.

Yet if you want to make impact, help build & shape something special, where you can make change easily, you’re up for the challenge to make the world a bit better and can take ownership to do so, then we would very much like to meet you!

Sure, we’re small right now yet we have big ambitions. As optimal size we believe to grow to around 80 people, so that everybody knows everybody, we can have diverse expertise & experience in the company, and as such: can make full use out of that.

Grow along with us: everybody get’s a dedicated personal development budget per year for you to grow in person and as a professional (also if these are no standard IT trainings).

Get trained so well you could leave
…but treated so well you don’t want to