Both companies have reached a collaboration agreement to pool their experience to increasingly promote the digital transformation of the European financial sector

Barcelona, September 7th 2021 – Veritran, a global leader company that facilitates digital transformation through its Enterprise Low-Code Platform, and η!Transformers, a digital innovation company who advises, selects and implement digital enterprise solutions, announced a strategic partnership to launch a new omnichannel business solution for digital mortgage services. Under the name Digital Mortgage, it will allow financial entities, from the largest ones to retail banks and rural savings banks or smaller Fintech, to quickly and efficiently implement a solution for their clients to access their mortgage offer in a 100% digital way.

This solution responds to the boom in mortgage applications in recent months and a growing trend towards digitalizing the sector. It will be available to any financial institution and adapted to the European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) and data protection regulations. Thus, Digital Mortgage will facilitate the process of applying for and managing a mortgage covering the entire life cycle of this type of product, that is, from the user’s query through the simulator to contracting and the following management of the mortgage.

The world-class experience includes the following steps:

  • Quotation with Simulator where users can explore the variables and get a pre-offer.
  • Onboarding and Login for validation of identification and biometric and other necessary data .
  • Self service portal for clients with insights and mutation services on their mortgage
  • Adding and viewing documentation related to the property and mortgage.
  • Offer and acceptance via digital signature.

As it is developed under Veritran’s Low-Code platform, this solution can be implemented by any financial institution in a concise time, thus improving the availability of digital mortgages and reducing the costs involved in developing this type of digital product for an entity. For this reason, Digital Mortgage is a leap forward for large banks and also financial entities that, due to their size and technological development capacity, may not have access to a product like this, which is totally on-trend in the current financial market. Since the Veritran’s Low-Code platform is built for financial institutions, changes can be made constantly with low effort and fast. Change is certain in the financial sector, with the Digital Mortgage solution financial institutions remain ahead in the sector easily.

Gabriela Giannattasio, Director EMEA at Veritran, says that “this new digital mortgage solution responds to a clear trend and need towards the digitization of the financial sector and a firm commitment by financial institutions to this product, in a context of higher demand for mortgages in Europe. With Digital Mortgage, we facilitate access to all types of entities, large or small, to this solution with a much shorter implementation time than usual to respond to a clear market need”.

This new solution is part of the collaboration alliance between Veritran and η!Transformers to take advantage of the synergies between both companies, leaders in Low-Code development, and mainly focused on the financial sector. The self-servicedigital mortgage solution is just the beginning of a long-term relationship that will strengthen the position and growth of both companies in the European market with a portfolio of solutions that also includes a clear commitment to biometrics or to facilitate the digital onboarding of banks’ customers.

Gerwin Woelders, Chief Digital Officer at η!Transformers, comments that “we are very excited to partner with Veritran to develop and implement Low-Code applications in the financial sector. All studies indicate that low and no code  development, which involves less time and costs with rapid changeability, is a fundamental and fast growing trend. The digital self-service mortgage solution we have built with Veritran is a big step in the Dutch and European markets. And thanks to this agreement, we will be able to speed up the digitization of the European financial industry”.

The digital self-service mortgage solution will be presented within the framework of the Money 20/20 event that will take place in Amsterdam from September 21 to 23. Veritran will have its own space at the fair at stand D20.

About Veritran

Veritran is a global company that speeds up and simplifies the development of digital solutions through its Enterprise Low-Code Platform.

Focused on driving digital transformation, the company integrates exponential technologies into legacy systems, improving deployment times and delivery costs without writing a single line of code.

Veritran’s Low-Code Platform is used by more than 50 clients, reaching 25 million users who safely run 25 billion transactions annually.

About η!Transformers:

η!Transformers is a Dutch digital innovation firm in the EMEA market. We help you deliver innovative new business (models) in a sustainable way, with great user experience, competitively priced, and: fast! The combination of our unique way of working together with our business and technology expertise and partnerships makes you run a different race!

For more information, please contact:

Veritran’s Press office at BCW

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Núria Rosiñol – – 93 201 10 28


Aernoudt Bottemanne – – +31 6 2956 5247

Gerwin Woelders – – +31 6 5368 7979

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