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Exponential Thinking
Consulting: based on OpenExO and Design thinking for clients to unleash their potential of high business growth. Business Technology Strategy.

E2E Transformations
Enable & grow new business models: faster, at lower cost and at lowest possible risk with a transparent business case. Technology will lower your business costs over time. Based on the latest or proven innovative solutions and approaches.


Digital Innovation consulting
Advising and delivering innovative solutions combined with business technology advise that has significant impact on your clients.

Tech Solutions Scan
There are many low code & no code platforms on the market. Which fit's best for your: objectives, culture and customer segments? Today and in the foreseeable future? We help you chose the right one(s) and help you to adopt successfully!


Low and no code solutions
Customer centric automation with a hyper automated operation ensures a flexible, innovation oriented and low cost business with a superior user experience.

ERP renewal
Renewal and migration of ERP and legacy business systems like SAP Hana with data driven extreme low code software to enable fast, low cost and highly adaptable solutions.

RPA solutions
Automation of (partly) manual processes.

IP / SaaS Solutions

Mortgage backend
Proven SaaS backend offering delivered on Azure. No building time needed (no code), only configuration, with a state-of-the-art personalized front end.

Core banking
Hypermodern core banking solution(s) for several banking products delivered as a SaaS or on-premise solution within weeks.

AML subscription
AI powered AML solution plus subscription that delivers up to 65% less false positives than other offerings.



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